the best patatas bravas in Madrid

original sauce: salsa brava

the best patatas bravas in Madrid

Original “brava” sauce

The original salsa brava has no spicy tomato. Top quality garlic, paprika from  “La Vera”, dried chili pepper and flour with the unmistakable flavor of the best virgin olive oil. Mixed and cooked over low heat and the soul from our professional chefs. Try the authentic “patatas bravas”.

Although the origin of “patatas bravas” and their sauce is a little bit doubtful, it is certain that they were born in Madrid at the end of the 50’s or beginning of the 60’s. They quickly spread throughout Spain. Their simplicity gives them an unparalleled versatility for an expert or instinctive pairing. With fresh beer, with wines of almost any origin or even with various soft drinks. a portion or a tapa of patatas bravas never goes out of place.

But its sauce becomes a source of controversy. This doesn´t  mean that the point of the oil when the potato is poached, the measure of the pieces of this one or the point of salt are less important. The use of tomato in its preparation is the subject of much debate. We position ourselves carefully in the ultra camp of those who think that a sauce with spicy tomato IS NOT SALSA BRAVA. With moderation” because we will not enter, not even peek into the dark abyss of ketchup…

And we are aware that a dish with a spicy potatoes dish should probably be included in countless cuisines all around the world. But cayenne, olive oil, wheat flour, paprika and garlic are, in Que Trabaje Rita, essential, irreplaceable and non-negotiable. Our point.

Their proportions vary according to the chef’s  expertise. We make it mild for our customers but when we open a branch in Mexico or Bangladesh we will add a little more cayenne !!!! 🙂

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